When in a company with a computer installation, it is needed to centralize information and to process in a basic place, it is necessary to install a central server.

A server is a computer prepared to store ample information quantity and to realize multiple simultaneous processes, in addition to having a more extensive functioning (online the whole day, 365 days of the year).

These "servers" serve for multitude of processes and basic services for the company, as for example these:

- Services of centralization of files and information
- Security copies services
- Communications services, rotate, firewall, proxy
- Services of centralized printing
- Services of remote connection
- Services of safety and users information


Every server must be adapted to the needs of every company, as it is not logical that a company with 2 employees and a very basic information volume uses the same server as another company with 200 employees. To offer a complete personalization of the server according to the characteristics of every company, we offer you a service of consultancy, in which apart from informing you about the computer system and infrastructure of communications, we will realize a project with the server which more fits to the real needs of your company, bearing in mind the possibility that the company grows relatively.

A server is the central logical part of any network of computers in a company.

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