Adaptation to the Organic Law for the Protection of Information of Personal Character for the companies. Spanish procedures

Due to the inadequate use in the last years, of the personal details those which are stored of clients, providers, employees, accounting, medical information. etc., there was created the law of protection of information of Personal Character 15/1999 of December 13, (LOPD).
This law guarantees that the companies and individuals who store personal information of any another person, must fulfill several requisites as security as well as of commitment of not publication and information to the person who has facilitated this information.

Along general lines, it comprises the following aspects:

Safety in the information storage
Safety in the support copies
Commitment of not publication of this information to third, or in its defect, previous information that this action is going to be executed.
Creation of a procedure for which any person could rectify or cancel its information of the file from the company.
Creation of a safety document that details all the information that the company stores, what safety level it shows, which are the processes that it continues to maintain this safety level, employees that gains access to the information etc.
Information of the duties and regulations to the employees of the company
Inscription of the information at official level

All these processes, they are of forced fulfillment as the law, and they must be carried out in all the companies or individuals who store personal details, by automated form (computer technology), or manual.
The No fulfillment of this regulation can suppose sanctions for the company if in any moment an inspection is realized from the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information.

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